2016 Geneva Bughouse Gathering

04.08.2016 11:11 by Philippe Muellhaupt

18th Swiss International

Bughouse Championship

Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 2pm


¨ Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil, 58, Cité Villars, 1203 Genève 4-fold round robin (depending of the number of participants), with a final match between the two first teams. Eventual ties will be decided by a qualification match.

¨ Time control : 3 minutes.

¨ Free subscription, limited to 20 teams.

¨ Teams can be arranged on the spot.

Main Rules

¨ Drop check and drop mate are allowed.

¨ Pawns get promoted.

¨ Touch-move !

¨ Noisy players are accepted and welcome !

Click here for the official flyer with all further details

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